Anna Kay’s Amazing Cranberry Salad

Cranberry Sauce 003

Image by MGF/Lady Disdain via Flickr

This my grandmother ‘s (on my mother’s side) recipe.  She made it for years, and passed the recipe onto my mom.  My mom gave the recipe to me and I have been making it ever since.  Because Mom and Dad Hughey have been on a “Whole Foods” kick recently, I replaced some of the canned ingredients with fresh and leave out the cup of sugar that she used.  The result is amazing.  My friends always ask for this recipe when I take it somewhere.

1 pkg of fresh cranberries prepared using the directions for  cranberry sauce found on the bag.

1 pkg Cranberry Jello (use cherry or raspbery if you can’t find it)

1 whole orange (ground up, peel and all except seeds)

1 Whole large Apple(cored and ground up) or diced small.

1 fresh pineapple chopped up very finely

1/2 to 1 Cup chopped pecans

Mix 1 Cup boiling water with jello, mix well and let stand till syrupy in frig.

In seperate bowl put cranberry sauce, orange, apple,  and pineapple.

Add jello mixture and nuts. Mix well, refrigerate till jello sets up but better over night.


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