Parmesan Crusted Chicken

This is a copy cat of Olive Garden’s  Parmesan Crusted Chicken.  Geoff and I rarely eat pasta, so we serve this with cauliflower.  I will print the recipe exactly like I found it, but everywhere you see the word pasta in the recipe, just know that we substitute cauliflower.  I have to tell you that I have always been a cauliflower hater, but this recipe had me asking for seconds of that cruciferous vegetable!

1 cup plain Progresso bread crumbs

2 Tbs flour

1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese

1  cup buttermilk

1 pkg chicken breast strips or chicken tenders

oil for frying

2 cups dry bow tie pasta


2 tbs butter

2 tsp crushed garlic

1/2 cup white wine

1/4 cup water

2 tbs flour

3/4 cup half and half

1/4 cup sour cream

1/2 tsp salt

1/8 tsp basil leaves

3/4 cup mild, finely grated asiago cheese

1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan

1.  Prepare pasta (or cauliflower) according to package directions.

2.  Wash and dry chicken (salt and pepper if desired)

3.  Mix breadcrumbs, flour, and parmesan cheese together

4.  Dip chicken in breadcrumb mixture, then in milk, and then back in breadcrumbs.

5.  Place in frying pan with heated oil and fry at medium low temperature until golden brown.

6.  Remove and drain chicken

7.  In a saucepan on medium heat, melt butter, whisk in flour, quickly add garlic, water, and  1/2 tsp salt.  Stir well and then add in wine, half and half, sour cream, and parmesan.

8.  When mixture is smooth, pour over pasta (or cauliflower).  (I like to reserve a little sauce to pour over chicken)


2 thoughts on “Parmesan Crusted Chicken

  1. Hello Hugheys! I came across your recipe blog while googling Parmesan crusted chicken and took a look around and realized we live parallel food lives 🙂 This blog is now bookmarked and I now have a web destination when I have one of those, “can’t find anything for dinner nights”. Thank you for putting a food blog together and your family is quite lovely too.

    Tracy Matthews,
    Atlanta GA

    • Sorry, I’m behind in looking over my comments! I’m back to blogging for my summer break. Hope you can find something good to make. I specialize in quick, easy, and tasty! Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

      Mama Hughey

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